They say a picture can speak 1000 words… I will try to do this in less. Here I am in Ajijic Mexico, Coaching, advertising, learning Spanish and yes soaking in some of the great weather! 4200 kms away is my husband Jeff, working, completing his Masters, and surviving the Canadian winter. We have been apart now for 3 months, the first week of April Jeff was to travel to Mexico for a well-deserved trip upon completing his Masters and FINALLY an actual vacation. Due to the Covid-19 crisis around the world, that reunion will need to wait. My parents cut their trip short to Canada, my best friend needing to cancel her trip here as well. Disappointing… for sure! Necessary precautions… absolutely! The world has become a different place over the past several weeks. We are living in a stressful time right now, with the threat to our Health, social distancing, supply shortages, cancellations, and financial constraints, not to mention in a lot of cases separation from loved ones. However, through the magic of technology we are able to stay connected! With so many virtual platforms, and streaming options, we are able to reach out to one another, stay informed, educated, and even entertained. We can collectively still do our part as a human race to assist one another. Even by social distancing, we can assist our neighbours, local businesses, front line workers and even the economy. Technology is the vehicle, and we are resource to Achieve this!

As the days pass in the weeks ahead, and the crisis escalates, my role as a Coach via that technology is to assist my clients in coping with these changing times. Maybe its working through what comes next for them, motivational mindset, creating new habits or prioritizing their current situation. It can be difficult to process the unknown in our individual lives and this can create anxiety and uncertainty for our future, however by creating a Plan A, B or even C for ourselves we can alleviate those thoughts or feelings. This becomes especially true for those that are social distancing alone.

It may be another few months before I am reunited with Jeff and my best friends, however each day we check in with one another via text, video or call, we stay connected! In the constantly evolving future its about moving forward, step by step, day by day. Jeff and I will weather this storm together, united in our goals both personal and as a couple. Through both open communication and contingency plans, we have been able to adapt to our ever-changing situation. I won’t lie, it has been a roller coaster ride of frustration, worry, disagreements and some not so motivated days for us both. We have never in our almost 15 years of marriage been apart for this long and it demands a level of compassion, perseverance and respect for one another on those especially difficult days. But sometimes its those times we celebrate the small wins, like a new client or a break through and progress on his Masters. I believe it’s a testament to the strength of us as a couple as well as individuals. Again, its all about connecting!

Some of the things that have kept me motivated and in a positive mindset are learning Spanish, working on my business, reading, writing my blog “Fuel the Day”, staying healthy, and being available to my loved ones as well as my clients! Always try to remember the importance of our role in this world, and if we all practice the act of kindness, reach out and do our small part, the world may just come out of this crisis even better than when we started.

I am curious… How are you staying connected, motivated and positive?