So begins the Journey…………. In December 2018 we decided to take the leap towards a new adventure! My husband Jeff and I and our fur baby Maple Lou Petunia Cocoa Rombough (she has a few names lol) are moving from Canada to Mexico to start a new life! With a new tiny home (550sqft), the opportunity of new careers, new culture and experiences, and a new chapter to discover!

I am becoming an entrepreneur with Transitional Directions as a Certified Professional Coach and Jeff is finishing up his Masters in Computer Science, so we started our journey with selling our home! With the assistance of an amazing Realtor Kim ( and our best friends Sher & La we edited, donated, sold, and made some last-minute fixes to our home. Then BAM! just like that within 2 days our home of 14 years was SOLD! Our best friend generously offered us her home to stay in while we transitioned from our Home to the next phase of our life. Get it! Transitional Directions! The response we received from some has been a mixed bag of Congrats! Wow !, That’s Crazy ! and Take me with you ! I am not going to lie, there have been some not so nice reactions as well, but ultimately this is our dream to live! I am sure you can all relate to managing the chaos of change! The process of selling, moving, packing, and planning has been a roller coaster ride of emotions! At times it has been incredibly overwhelming to start a business, plan our move, work full time, design/renovate a tiny home in Mexico, and finish our education not to mention all the miscellaneous challenges, obstacles and setbacks along the way. Lists upon lists, getting ducks in a row, and the odd squirrel moment, as well as the #1 quote “I think I can still fit that in the car”! Did I mention we were driving to Mexico?

Yep 4000 kms with our mid-sized car packed with our Maple Lou, that’s one long therapy session! When you believe in your dream, you take action to achieve it! So here we are, present day with 2 weeks and counting to our Mission Possible Trip to Mexico! Still sorting, editing, packing and planning towards our “Launch Date” of November 16th, 2019! vehicle servicing, new tires, a carrier for the rooftop, Vet appointment, website completion, the odd meltdown LOL and all things travel checked off the list one by one! Finally, this past Friday, I was approved for my visa application with the Mexican Consulate in Toronto! What an exciting, scary, fun-filled, experience ahead for us all! I hope you will join us in the adventure, as I blog our journey from Canada, through the USA and into Mexico! Stay tuned for the next transition!