In my last blog post, I briefly touched on my new strategy, The Art of Day by Day”.  It was very important to me after everything that had happened last year, that I create a formula for myself to start over again.  I needed to put the train back on the tracks, to create a new daily routine that would allow me to grow my practice as a Coach, but more importantly return to “ME”.  The first thing I did was take a course called “Brain by Design” recommended by a fellow Coach and friend of mine, Margrita.  This could not have come at a better time as it incorporated Productivity, Fear, Happiness and Habits!  This allowed me to study the brain science behind the what, where, when, why, and how’s of being human. It was a bonus that I was able to apply this to my ICF Credentials, but most importantly it assisted me to instill some new habits, re-energize some old habits and start to build upon the foundation I hadcreated up to this point. I would call these “Tools for Mindset”

In addition to the BBD Course, I was also dusting off my Daily Planner.  Some would say, really? “A Daily Planner that you complete in written form?” “How old school!” It works for me, pen to paper, its tangible, it’s my daily, weekly, monthly vision, it is my structure.  The beauty of this planner is it incorporates goals, daily mindset, and has questions incorporated for the start of my day, as well as the end of my day, and it is trackable for progress.  For example: “Top 3 priorities today”, “One action I could take today to demonstrate excellence”, or “If I was my own high-performance coach, I would tell myself this statement about today”. I would call this my “Tools for Structure”

Next step, “Brain-sailing” with Sher. My best friend of 35 years, my ride or die, and sister from another mister.  This was a weekly meeting we used to do as a way for us to bounce ideas about marketing, new coaching ideas, trial and errors, and always some comedic relief.  I prefer Shers’ version of brainstorming, why do we have to think about collaborating ideas in a storm? So, each Tuesday morning for 1 hour we meet to go over the “what works well” and “Even better, if’s”. Then I would incorporate those actionable steps into my new routine and daily planner!  I call this my “Tools for Accountability”.

Last but not least, “Self-Care”.  This one was difficult to navigate for me.  When you have a caregiving mindset, you sometimes lose that ability to put the oxygen mask on yourself, before you help others.  Self-Care was something that was crucial to creating the balance in my life and to slowly day by day improve all areas of my life.  So, sometimes hit and miss, we started daily walks, ladies who lunch, massage therapy, fun nail appointments, and Yoga.  Our Yoga guru, Dr. Alex clearly had a sense of humor taking on our motley crew.  This was a place to challenge yourself, laugh a little, meditate a little, and learn a little as well as a release.  Although, typically we challenged Alex, with “nah, we don’t wanna do that”, “ya, nope can’t do that”, or “when is the lay down portion of our exercise”, followed up by “my arms are too short, I can’t reach!”, and now my nickname is T-Rex!  Alex always found work arounds and would say don’t stop, that’s your ego talking, push through only 30 seconds more.  In the end, we all definitely would feel better after completing our classes, even Alex! This I would call “Tools for Self-Care”

Inspiration, motivation, confidence, and solution focused mindset, all stem from these Tools.  They all play an important role in my “Day to Day”.  They provide me the time, space, structure and boundaries to fuel my vision.  Some days are a home run….and somedays I feel like I am slugging through quick sand, but what I have discovered over the past few years, especially last year is patience and grace.  The patience to allow myself to evolve as a Coach-Preneur, and the grace to care for myself with the same love and dedication that I care for others as well as to equip myself with the tools to be successful day by day.