Work/Life Balance

Are you seeking to find balance between work and life?. How does the saying go? “We Work to Live, Not Live to Work” Sometimes we look to re-evaluate what is truly important in our lives and sometimes we need to hit the reset button. You look to align your core values and beliefs in your life and what benefits it can create for the other areas of your life. Coaching can assist you in creating new habits or reawakening ones that worked for you in the past. It can also inspire a shift or discovery within yourself to begin to live the type of balance you want in life.

Career Change/ Entrepreneur Goals

Have you ever found yourself asking, “Is this it?” when it comes to your work life. Is this the career path for me? Am I meant to do more in my current job? Or “what if my career choice is still out there? If any of these questions sound familiar, it may be time for a coaching conversation. Are you looking to become an entrepreneur or improve your business plan? Or shift in a completely new direction? Coaching can assist you in the process of discovering what YOU want in your work transition with creating an action plan towards success.


Are you retiring soon? Or is your retirement unplanned? With both, you may be asking yourself “What is next?” or “What is my purpose for this chapter in my life?” More and more people are working longer and longer these days. Some have a long list of plans when they retire, like, travel, volunteer, hobbies etc. and some are looking forward to the free time, but when that time comes to retire, the shift from full days of work/commute can not always feel as full. Coaching can assist you with working through your next phase, whether it is a goal to continue working, or taking a vision and creating a plan to retire. Let’s plan your Joyful Retirement!

Confidence & Motivation

Are you looking to build confidence or regain it? What motivates you, or inspires motivation? We all experience at times in our life a lack or waning of one or both of these. What benefits do you experience in your day to day life from having Confidence and/or Motivation? Does your confidence drive your motivation? Or Does your motivation inspire confidence? Coaching can assist you with cultivating your personal goal of creating, growing and putting these both in action.

Caregiving & Grief

In your life you may find yourself in the role of caregiver, and at some time in your life you will experience grief. At times the role of child and parent may evolve to caregiver to the parent. When this occurs, it can be a tough transition to navigate. Grief is not only the loss of a loved one it can come in many forms. You may ask yourself “How will I manage this role reversal?”, “How can I prepare for this transition?” “When I am no longer the caregiver, what comes next?” Coaching can assist you with navigating a path to understanding your purpose as you cope with this transition.

Organizational/Time Management

Are you ready to be more organized? or to step up your time management game? Are you feeling out of focus? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Sometimes we go through a period of chaos, or maybe we are stuck and spinning our wheels trying to decide which direction to go. Coaching can assist you in discovering how to get back on track. You can create a new routine/habit for yourself, or develop a plan with bite sized steps to achieve your goals. Your time, your plan, your success!