WE DID IT!  On November 16th, 2019, we started with one very packed car, my husband Jeff and our furbaby Maple Lou and a 7 day road trip loaded with new experiences and memories ahead. After a short trip in Ontario, Canada, we travelled through 7 U.S states and 4 Mexican states. 4266 kms later we arrived at our Tiny Home in Ajijic, Mexico !

Our adventure may have begun with some anxiety, fear of the unknown and what lies ahead?  It quickly became excitement of a road trip adventure, visiting places we have never seen and experiencing a variety of culture and hospitality along the way.  We thought we might be limited in sightseeing with our stops along the way with having our dog Maple with us, however from hotels to tourist sights we discovered that wasn’t going to be the case.  From Maple being invited inside the Jim Beam Bourbon Distillery store in Kentucky, to walking down the legendary Beale Street in Memphis Tennessee, visiting the Alamo and river walking in San Antonio Texas as well as walking amongst the Palm trees in Matehuala Mexico!  Our limitations were few, with the exception of restaurants, and yes we had Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kentucky and Popeyes Louisiana Style Chicken in Baton Rouge, what’s an adventure without a lot of laughs !

When you have an open mind on the open road, the opportunities to experience new places, people and cultures becomes limitless.  When I look back in my time capsule to September 2017 where I began my journey to become a Coach, if someone had told me just how much my life would change for the better, I am not sure I would have believed them. Then I became a Certified Professional Coach, and started the transition to entrepreneur.  My vision of finding my path in life was becoming clear. My belief in taking that dream to the next level opened me up to discovering where I wanted to cultivate my next transition.  In December 2018, we decided it would be Mexico!  This last 12 months has been a roller coaster of emotions, over coming obstacles, pushing through doubt and fears, all to stay focused on the road ahead.  I always had the support of my husband, best friends and family and YES even my own Coaches!  You see, its one thing to have a dream, you need to believe in yourself to follow through and put it into action to achieve what you truly want in your life.  Life is a series of transitions that you navigate.  The moment you step into each one, the realization of your ability to successfully conquer them one by one leads you to achieving your goals.

OK, so I have arrived at my final destination, Ajijic Mexico!  What comes next?  Let me be your inspirational guide in my transition to a new career, new home, new country and new life!