What a crazy past year it has been! My first year living in Mexico has been a bit of a roller coaster ride filled with new experiences, separation from my husband, friends and family, Covid-19, new clients, new friendships, learning a new language and an abundance of sunshine. It has not been quite the first year I expected that’s for sure……a year ago I was looking forward to experiencing all the celebrations that Mexico has, the colours, the food, and most importantly the people and their traditions. The excitement of looking forward to travelling with my husband and friends throughout Mexico and truly living and embracing our new country. Looking back, I remember the excitement of my first clients, my beautiful new office at the Heart Center Trust Care in Ajijic and all of the positive energy that was surrounding me in this new adventure. I have made some amazing connections both near and far, and have had some of those new experiences, however due to Covid-19 and the quest to stay safe and well for not only myself, but for all throughout this pandemic, this past year has been somewhat muted.

Throughout the past year, I have been able to see the silver linings each and every day and have been able to celebrate the small wins, as well as to keep moving forward by being Grateful. Grateful for staying safe and well along with all my friends and family, Grateful for the clients and fellow Coaches that I kept in touch with, Grateful for the positive and supportive people I am constantly surrounded by, Grateful for each and every Buenas Dia, Felicidades, and Smile that I see on the faces of people who get up, go to work/school, and continue to keep moving forward despite all the obstacles of this past year.

Mexico is full of entrepreneurs who are always in motion, especially in the past year having to Re-group, Re-Set and Re-Ignite their businesses to overcome the restrictions that Covid-19 has caused. I have seen Restaurants, Grocery & even the smallest of Businesses create Social Media campaigns to deliver and provide safe services for all members of the community. They have created Mobile services for health & well being, food & necessities even pet care, that were originally brick and mortar businesses! As well as volunteers who check on those most vulnerable with all the safety protocols in place to ensure that those that could not leave their homes, were taken care of. In turn the Expats have supported local, volunteered, donated money, clothes and household items to this community so that ALL were taken care of throughout this pandemic. They have found a way to re-create their businesses and their lives. It is a powerful moment to witness the resiliency and determination of entrepreneurs.

Sometimes life throws us curveballs, we know it may be time to press pause and Re-Group. When we do this, it allows us to reflect on where we have been, where we are at right now, and what we need to do to moving forward. It can be small tweaks to a goal, project or business, a new approach to motivation and confidence or a complete change of mindset. Once we have taken the time to Re-Group, you Re-Set! When we press the re-set button, we are simply re-focusing ourselves and our priorities armed with the knowledge that we have a plan! Again, they don’t need to be monumental changes, but small manageable steps forward. We can experience big shifts with small steps. Now its time to Re-Ignite! This is putting it all in Action. Maybe you are starting a new daily routine, changing a habit, going after what brings you JOY! It doesn’t matter how many times you need to Re-Group, Re-Set and Re-Ignite, it centers around your own self awareness and what works best for you to propel forward.

In the past year, I have needed to do just that. I have been discovering new ways to network and market my Coaching, created new daily routines to ensure I have that balance both personally and professionally. I have been organized, focused, motivated and confident in everything I put my mind to, however there are days where its tough and it feels like Groundhog Day, yes that’s right, its not always Fiestas & Sunshine! I love being a Coach, and most importantly I love helping others succeed and find their Joy in life again.

This pandemic will come to an end, vaccinations will happen, and slowly our lives will start to move forward again. What do You want? Where do You want be? Who do You want to experience this with? How will You navigate this transition? When do You want to start? Why not invest in You through Coaching?

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