All Roads from Radiation Treatments are BUMPY!


In August 2022, it was determined by Dr. Padilla and the radiologist that Jeff would require 3 ½ weeks of radiation treatment. First, they did a Cat Scan, then tattooed Jeff with little dots in and around this stomach region to show where they would blast that little gremlin with . . .

All Roads from Radiation Treatments are BUMPY!2023-08-31T14:33:03-04:00

You never forget the first treatment…….


The first of Jeff’s Chemo treatments was nerve racking and a little bit fear of the unknown.  Would he be sick? React badly to the medications? Would the chemo and immunotherapy medications all work? We considered driving ourselves into the treatments in Guadalajara every 21 days, but changed our minds, . . .

You never forget the first treatment…….2023-06-23T17:47:51-04:00

It all started here….The Diagnosis


  In a previous blog post, I briefly touched on Jeff’s unexpected Cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatments that all began in January of 2022.   What started as discomfort and fullness in his stomach, quickly turned to the three words you NEVER want to hear “You have Cancer”.  Although the doctors . . .

It all started here….The Diagnosis2023-05-13T17:43:29-04:00

The Art of Day by Day


  In my last blog post, I briefly touched on my new strategy, “The Art of Day by Day”.  It was very important to me after everything that had happened last year, that I create a formula for myself to start over again.  I needed to put the train back . . .

The Art of Day by Day2023-05-05T17:36:41-04:00

United From Afar


They say a picture can speak 1000 words... I will try to do this in less. Here I am in Ajijic Mexico, Coaching, advertising, learning Spanish and yes soaking in some of the great weather! 4200 kms away is my husband Jeff, working, completing his Masters, and surviving the Canadian . . .

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