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Re-Group, Re-Set & Re-Ignite


What a crazy past year it has been! My first year living in Mexico has been a bit of a roller coaster ride filled with new experiences, separation from my husband, friends and family, Covid-19, new clients, new friendships, learning a new language and an abundance of sunshine. It . . .

Re-Group, Re-Set & Re-Ignite2021-03-02T09:45:54-05:00

United From Afar


They say a picture can speak 1000 words... I will try to do this in less. Here I am in Ajijic Mexico, Coaching, advertising, learning Spanish and yes soaking in some of the great weather! 4200 kms away is my husband Jeff, working, completing his Masters, and surviving the Canadian . . .

United From Afar2020-03-23T08:20:35-04:00

House to Tiny House


SOLD! The transition from a 1400 square foot house in Canada to a 550 square foot tiny house in Mexico was a monumental life changing decision! A decision we made in December 2018, a leap we took starting January 2019! Excitement, anxiety, sadness, happiness, fear and the courage to fulfill . . .

House to Tiny House2020-01-06T08:39:15-05:00

Road to a New Life


WE DID IT!  On November 16th, 2019, we started with one very packed car, my husband Jeff and our furbaby Maple Lou and a 7 day road trip loaded with new experiences and memories ahead. After a short trip in Ontario, Canada, we travelled through 7 U.S states and 4 Mexican . . .

Road to a New Life2020-01-06T08:39:15-05:00

The Transition Begins


So begins the Journey…………. In December 2018 we decided to take the leap towards a new adventure! My husband Jeff and I and our fur baby Maple Lou Petunia Cocoa Rombough (she has a few names lol) are moving from Canada to Mexico to start a new life! With a . . .

The Transition Begins2020-01-06T08:39:15-05:00
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