Hi I’m Stacey Rombough

A Little Bit About My Life

When I was growing up, I believed that I would go to College, get a career, meet someone, get married, buy the house, have children, the whole traditional path. Well, I did go to College, I had the career, I did meet someone, I did get married and got the house!  I got married at 34 and what came next did not happen……we found out we couldn’t have children, and although it was hard to hear and we did look at other avenues, nothing seemed to feel right. This is when things came to a screeching halt for me personally and I needed to re-evaluate what direction my path would take from here.  Although I had the loving support of my husband and closest friend and family, I was stuck and struggling with what MY purpose was. What type of career do I want? What is my goal in life? What’s next?

A couple of years ago as a birthday gift, my best friend treated me to a weekend in Toronto to an inspirational two-day event. It was after an emotional weekend of epiphany’s, and self reflection, and some laughs, that my time was now to transition to the next chapter in my story!  I researched Coaching at great depth, and found that this spoke to me in ways no other career choice had! I enrolled with Erickson International and so began my path to Certified Professional Coach. A year later, with education, mentoring, coaching and being coached on a variety of topics, I had found not only a new career, but a platform to assist my clients to Dream It, Believe It & Achieve It with their next transition.

As a Certified Professional Coach, it combined my curiosity, trust, honesty, a splash of humour, and my ability to see the potential in my clients and the enjoyment of seeing them achieve their goals! Coaching is a partnership, its about creating a rapport and providing a safe, confidential space to create, discover and put your goals into action. With me as your Coach you will have a dedicated partner that invests in your ability to Dream It, Believe It and Achieve It with your next transition!

What My Clients Say