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Welcome to Transitional Directions

Are you looking for a creative space to find direction and clarity towards what you want to achieve? Are you feeling stuck between the present day and your future goals? What inspires you to take that next step in life/career? Do you struggle to find your purpose or passion? Will finding balance assist you towards achieving your next goal? Are the obstacles/barriers in your life holding you back? What motivates you towards action?

If you are asking yourself these questions, this is your opportunity to step into a space that is reserved for you! A confidential place that exhibits no judgement and believes in your ability to discover your next steps to achieving success. A Certified professional coach that will partner with you to navigate to the next level.

Actively listen to my clients what, where, who, when and why’s for their goals

Partner with my clients in a confidential, creative space so that they may discover their vision

Introduce powerful, solution-focused questions & exercises to open client to discover their potential

Hold my clients values and beliefs and assist in their ability to envision their goals

Partner with my clients towards clarity and direction to embrace their steps toward success

Work with my clients to navigate them staying on track towards their goals


Navigating the transitions in your life doesn’t need to be a daunting task. It can lead you to a place of clarity and balance. When you partner with me as your Coach, you have the ability to chose the direction of your path to success! By exploring your goals and ideas, discovering who or what might stand in your way, and breaking down those barriers, to creating an action plan towards achieving what you
want in your life.

Lets get started! Which direction will you go?


I’m Stacey Rombough

I am a Certified Professional Coach that loves to see my clients succeed through their transitions in life.  Our lives are constantly in motion, changing careers or taking the Entrepreneur road, finding that right balance in life, managing our relationships, or maybe just looking for the next big thing! I am reminded of a quote that speaks to the many evolving areas of our lives………In the waves of change we find our true direction. What direction will you choose?

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Visit my blog “Fuel the day” to follow what inspires me, how I navigate through transitions in my life and all things Coaching!

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